My name is Cristina Cassidy, and I am a documentary filmmaker and video production specialist.  The name Docudramaqueen comes from my early days when I actually was a drama queen, having studied acting and singing for several years.  I no longer act,  but when I started making documentaries the people I worked with knew about my acting history. Hence, the persona Docudramaqueen came into being.  

I was a senior scriptwriter/producer for a successful video production company in the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area for 14 years.  I have written and produced long-form documentaries, was the writer and series producer for a 13-part half-hour series, and have created promotional videos in a variety of formats.  I have traveled with and directed video crews overseas, and has worked with foreign production companies in over nine countries worldwide.  I am also half-Peruvian, and am fluent in Spanish/English.

In February 2008, I opened my own video production company, that operates out of Charlotte, NC.  Please check out my website for more information about my company, Cristina Cassidy Productions, LLC (




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