Here’s the fundraising video I produced through my company, Cristina Cassidy Productions, for an Atlanta non-profit that is building a permanent medical clinic in the remote village of Yiwabra, Ghana, West Africa.

DP & Field Director, Michael Pietrobon, Camera Assistant and DIT, Jordan Marshall, and I, Executive Producer & Director Cristina Cassidy, traveled to Ghana to do the shoot in April of this year. Editor Toni Lindsay Genberg created the open and edited the entire piece. Kudos to the team for a job well done!

Michael and I will be returning to Ghana in November to shoot more footage for a longer form documentary. If you’d like to know more the Yonkofa Project , please go to, or follow us on Facebook at…

In the meantime, happy filmmaking!

Friendship for Life: The Yonkofa Project from Yonkofa Project on Vimeo.

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