For those of you who don’t know–how could you NOT know?–there’s a new site up for filmmakers called Kickstarter. We just launched our campaign about a week-and-a-half ago, and even though we’re not getting huge hits, we are getting word about the film out into the world.

Let’s face it, money right now for films is tighter than tight. Grant funds are low, people are out of work, disasters are happening around the world, and the arts are suffering. But there are people out there willing to help, and most of them are the people you know, work with, or grew up with. Don’t discount your family (though they probably know about your film “addiction” and may wonder if they are in fact enabling you when they help fund your growing “habit”).

What you want to do is make people feel part of a community, of something larger than themselves. The other plus is that Kickstarter requires that you offer rewards. And who doesn’t like to get a prize inside, right?

Our film Concerto for Two Brothers is a hard sell on many levels. It’s an art film, it is character driven, and it doesn’t espouse a cause. But we are still raising money. To date, we’ve raised about 8,000. That may not sound like much, but hey, it’s more than what we started with!

Please, take a look at our page. If you are so inclined, please pledge. I like to tell people that for the price of a ticket to the movies you can pledge to our film. Also, please spread the word. I can’t wait until everyone gets a chance to see this documentary. And check out Kickstarter for your own film!

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