On July 8, 2010, my dear friend and colleague, Sean Newman, one of the most talented photographers and videographers I’ve ever worked with, was killed in a motorcycle accident.

Three weeks before he died, he made this video using a Canon 5D camera.  That’s him in the video.  Yeah, he could have been an actor or a rock star if he had wanted, but he loved all things video and photographic.  What he loved most in the world were his wife Julie and their young son, Jack.

Sean and I traveled to the side of a volcano in Mexico together, shot in Argentina and Spain, and did a segment on a dog training school in Turkey for a t.v. series.  We even did a couple of weddings together, and many other projects.  He taught me to shoot wide, and always let the action happen in front of you.  Be patient.  Don’t rush it.  It will come to you if you wait.  Sean, anytime I am ever behind the camera, I know you’ll be with me.  I’ll always hear your voice saying, “Hey lady, you’re doing great.”  I will love you forever, my friend.  Safe travels, and good shooting.

Canon 5D MarkII / Car Mount Test from Sean Newman on Vimeo.

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