Using Volunteers as Part of Your Video Team

Picking the right video team for your project is essential. I try to use professionals as often as possible, but I also like to use volunteer production assistants from time to time. It’s a great way for volunteers to get film experience, and for you to get the extra help you so often [...]

A Turn of the Head Makes All The Difference

I won’ say that I particularly like to learn from my mistakes, but learn I do. Recently, on a two-camera shoot, I decided to have the host do her narration in a room with a nice background. I made sure to put her far enough away from the background to add depth and [...]

Speaking of Overseas Projects…Here’s My Latest

Here’s the fundraising video I produced through my company, Cristina Cassidy Productions, for an Atlanta non-profit that is building a permanent medical clinic in the remote village of Yiwabra, Ghana, West Africa.
DP & Field Director, Michael Pietrobon, Camera Assistant and DIT, Jordan Marshall, and I, Executive Producer & Director Cristina Cassidy, traveled to Ghana [...]

Shooting Video Overseas-Part Two

Docudramaqueen shares more important pointers when producing video overseas.

Shooting Video Overseas-Part One

Cristina Cassidy, aka docudramaqueen, offers pointers that every video producer should consider before working in an overseas environment.

The Dreaded “B” Word in Documentary Filmmaking

Why Not Partner With Non-Profits?

Kickstarter–A Way to Crowd Fund Your Film

For those of you who don’t know–how could you NOT know?–there’s a new site up for filmmakers called Kickstarter. We just launched our campaign about a week-and-a-half ago, and even though we’re not getting huge hits, we are getting word about the film out into the world.
Let’s face it, money right now [...]

Sound Advice: Your Film is Only as Good as Your Audio

I’ve asked a lot of documentary film editors what they feel is the most important element of a documentary production. I thought for sure they’d say an image shot in high definition was the most important because you can push the color space better in HD than SD when you are color correcting. [...]

Books to Read Before You Start Filming

You’ve got a great idea for a documentary. You’ve watched tons of them and figure, it can’t be that difficult to do. Get a camera, set up some interviews, throw in a few photographs, some extra footage, get a simple editing program and string it all together. After all, it’s a documentary, [...]




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